Terri Chalaire, P.E.     TerriChalaire

Chalaire and Associates, Inc.


Professional Engineer registered in the State of Florida, experienced in building repairs, including concrete repairs, roofing systems diagnosis, repairs and replacements, and building investigations for residential and commercial buildings.



Chalaire and Associates, Inc., Palm Beach Gardens, FL               2002-Present

  • Oversee and coordinate building repairs projects, including concrete restoration, roofing, window and sliding glass door replacements, railing replacements, and various other repairs and renovation projects.
  • Specifications for concrete restoration and building repair projects.
  • Specifications for roofing systems repairs and replacements.
  • Wind load analysis and other calculations, as necessary, for various projects.
  • Conduct construction inspections of ongoing restoration, roofing, and miscellaneous projects.
  • Residential investigations and inspections.
  • Wind Mitigation / Insurance Forms

Education and Licensure

Professional Engineer, Registered in the State of Florida -  FL PE # 65587

Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, Florida International University, Miami, FL



American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

Florida Structural Engineers Association (FSEA)

International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) - Southeast Florida Chapter



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